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At first they are but fine grains of quartz sand that melt together under extreme heat, but in the hands of an expert glassblower, they suddenly become a resource for endless possibilities. That’s why an&angel designer Artis Nīmanis has never tired of glass as a medium. But what sets his glassware apart from others is its metallic coating, mostly made of stainless steel or titanium, arrived at after many years of experimenting with the help of innovative technologies. Parallel to existing collections, experiments on future models are ongoing, and vases may soon join the glassware as well. an&angel products are sold on the Internet, while visitors to Riga can drop by the showroom in the city’s Quiet Centre. It also stands mentioning that the company boasts more than 26 export markets where its products are sold.





Agnese and Artis Nīmanis, founders


Export Markets

Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, China, Czech Republic , France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Lebanon, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, USA, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

Jekaterina Aleksejonoka

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