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In large part, insurance is a business of trust. One must prove oneself again and again, and only by showing one’s worth and fulfilling one’s promises will clients begin to value and trust the business. Balcia began operating abroad in Lithuania already in 2002, after buying one of the Lithuania local companies. That was the company’s first step outside of Latvia. After developing its business in the Baltic region, Balcia decided to also expand elsewhere in Europe. Now, Balcia has branch offices in France, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and United Kingdom, and it is also working in Italy and Spain on the basis of freedom of services principle. After all, the business has always yearned to develop and seek new challenges. This also applies to the distribution of risk, because each market situation can be vastly different. In addition, the insurance laws in every new market are vastly different. But, by offering flexible, innovative solutions that are customised to clients’ needs, instead of merely providing standardised services, Balcia has managed to break into several markets and change their prevailing traditions. Flexible, innovative solutions tailored to the needs of the market and clients are one of the elements of Balcia's formula for success. So is consistency in words and deeds. And the next three aspects of its formula are vision, focused action, and team strength. Because in order to provide a good-quality service, a business needs to be professional and have a high level of cohesion. 





Lauris Boss, chairman of the board at Balcia Insurance SE

Balcia Insurance SE
Balcia Insurance SE

Export Markets

France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom

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