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It’s possible that they’ve completely reinvented the wheel...without even breaking a sweat. It’s also possible that the idea was conceived five or six years ago, perhaps even earlier, but that hardly matters anymore because what Brum Brum offers the market today is an absolutely unique product – a wooden balance bike for children that is height-adjustable as the child grows. The shock system on the Brum Brum balance bike (much like that of Finnish designer Alvar Aalto’s chair No.31) is built into the frame itself, as it is made from plywood pieces glued together into specially curved parts. The frame acts as the shock absorber and is made from curved birch and oak plywood with finishes of various hardwoods. The discs are cast from aluminium, the chamberless rubber tires are solid and impenetrable. Handlebars are made from natural leather and available in various colours. Four patents have been granted among the seven unique design forms created by the company. Moreover, the height of the bike can be regulated, without the aid of special tools, for use by children of various ages. Only one gasket and a few screws were bought at the store – the rest was created from scratch, just for this bike. Brum Brum has won prestigious design and business awards for its product in Latvia, Japan, Italy and Germany. Reputable big names in the cycling industry have also expressed accolades for a job very well done. Without any marketing or business plan in place, Brum Brum endeavours to sell its bike all the same. Their best exhibition halls are parks and playgrounds, where children make up their specific target audience, and so far they have been nothing but delighted with Brum Brum.





Krišjānis Jermaks, founder

Brum Brum
Brum Brum

Export Markets

Australia, Austria, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Republic of South Africa, Russia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, United Kingdom

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