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„Ekju” is a Latvian company, and our name has already been known for many years, both to domestic customers and international markets.

Small space furniture holds a special place in our product range and allows to bring the piece of nature in the small areas and use them as practical as possible. If you have a small or narrow space, then we have the perfect product range for you, which allows you to bring a small piece of nature to your balcony or small area.

Our furniture and exterior design items are oriented towards family get-togethers.  It brings you both a warm and pleasant feeling both literally and figuratively. Simple, classic shapes, a well-considered and tasteful colour combination, functional design, comfortable and rational solutions – this is exactly what you wish for. We are aware of these wishes and definitely have something to offer you!

Export Markets

Denmark, France, Netherlands

Jānis Splīte

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