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“Skonto Prefab” makes even the most ambitious construction ideas of their clients to come true since 2002. The company has become one of the leading and most innovative construction companies in the Baltic States and Northern region by offering the full scope of high-quality services. “Skonto Prefab” is an export-oriented construction services company specializing in designing, manufacturing, supplying and assembling prefabricated concrete, steel and cross laminated timber (CLT) constructions. The company owns a prefabricated reinforced concrete manufacturing site in Acone, Latvia, and CLT panel manufacturing site in Jelgava, Latvia.

The company has solidly entered the big projects league with an annual turnover of 50 million euros in 2019, of this 89% or EUR 44.89 million was made of construction services provided abroad. The main export markets last year were Scandinavian countries, Germany, and the United Kingdom. In recent years “Skonto Prefab” has successfully completed a number of comprehensive construction projects across the world, including universities, museums, town halls, shopping malls, various residential and industrial projects. Together with its subsidiary “Cross Timber Systems” the company employs close to 500 people. 

“Skonto Prefab” provided product range includes concrete products of various types such as prefabricated concrete, solid slabs, external wall elements, balconies, stairs, pillars and, beams. All of them are laboratory-tested and certified according to rigorous Nordic standards. The company specializes in the production of complex non-standard precast – concrete elements such as sandwich walls with brick and tile surfaces, sandwich walls with matrix texture surfaces, and round elements.


“Skonto Prefab” is part of Latvia’s leading group of construction and construction materials production companies “Skonto Group”. The group of companies provides full cycle services to their customers – starting with the development of engineering solutions and construction production in Latvia, ending with delivery to export markets and assembly of materials. The export market share in the “Skonto Group” is 85%.

Export Markets

Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Lithuania, Maldives, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom

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