The largest independent private bank in Latvia providing individual banking and financial services for private and corporate clients. In 2015, the bank’s profit reached 69 million euros, and its net assets at the end of that year were 4.93 billion euros — these figures grew by 18.2% in one year. At the close of 2015, its clients’ deposits equalled 3.79 billion euros. The bank founded a subsidiary in Luxembourg, which is subject to that country’s regulation and oversight system. Therefore, for any clients who believe that the Latvian banking sector is still not developed or safe enough, ABLV can offer its Luxembourg branch, right in the heart of Europe, and this option is becoming more and more popular among clients.





Oļegs Fiļs, council chairman


Export Markets

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Russia, USA, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan

Jānis Bunte

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